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You can download the following Islamic content from here free of cost;

  1. 1st Kalma
  2. 2nd Kalma
  3. 3rd Kalma
  4. 4th Kalma
  5. 5th Kalma
  6. 6th Kalma
  7. Iman e Mufassal
  8. Iman e Mujmal
  9. Prayer /Namaz / Salah (نماز یا الصلوۃ)
  1. Surah Fatiha
  2. Surah Baqarah full
  3. Ayat ul Kursi
  4. Ayat e Karima
  5. Surah Yusuf
  6. Surah Yaseen
  7. Surah Fath
  8. Suran Rehman
  9. Surah Waqia
  10. Surah Mulk
  11. Surah Nooh
  12. Surah Muzammil
  13. Surah Kahf
  14. Surah Jinn
  15. Surah Tariq
  16. Surah Qalam
  17. Surah Qadar
  18. Surah Kausar
  19. 4 QUL
  20. Manzil Dua
  21. Ayat e Shifa
  22. Quran Sharif Para 1 to 30
  1. Dua e Ganj Ul Arsh
  2. Dua Qadah Muazzam
  3. Dua Hizbul Bahr
  4. Dua e Jamila
  5. Dua e Akasha
  6. Dua e Aman
  7. Dua Noor
  8. Dua Hajat
  9. Dua e Masoora
  10. Dua e Qanoot
  11. Dua e Tarawih (taraweeh ki dua)
  12. Quranic Duas (40 Rabbana Dua)
  13. Dua Khatam Quran
  14. Khutbah Jummah
  15. Khutbah Eid ul Fitr
  16. Khutbah Eid ul Adha
  17. Dua For Success
  18. Laylatul Qadr Dua (Shab e Qadr ki Dua)
  1. Darood Ibrahimi
  2. Darood Taj
  3. Darood Tanjeena
  4. Darood Mahi
  5. Darood Lakhi
  6. Darood Khizri
  7. Darood Muqadas
  1. Sahih Bukhari
  2. Sahih Muslim
  3. Jamia Tirmzi
  4. Sunan Abi Dawud
  5. Sunan Ibn e Maja
  6. Sunan e Nisai
  7. Mishkat Ul Masabeh
  8. Masnad e Ahmad
  1. Naats in Audio/video format
  2. Naat Books


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