Grant of Wapda Allowance 2023 | Monetization of Electricity Bills in Pakistan

Due to high increases in electricity rates in Pakistan, there is severe unrest among the masses and country-wide protests against the Government. Keeping in view this serious situation, Govt has decided to finish free units to WAPDA employees.

After a lot of studies and planning about the monetization of electricity units, Govt. has decided to grant WAPDA ALLOWANCE to all the WAPDA employees in Pakistan.

Wapda Allowance – Notification

General Manager Finance Division Lahore has issued a notification about Wapda Allowance 2023.

Wapda allowance

Power Division suggests monetization of free power units

The caretaker government is considering alternative measures instead of canceling the provision of free electricity units. According to sources, both Wapda and the Ministry of Water Resources oppose removing this benefit for employees.

Suggestions for Wapda Allowance

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has proposed replacing free units with a Wapda allowance.

Additionally, the Ministry of Finance has suggested ending the free electricity facility, while the Power Division has recommended providing an equivalent amount to employees in their monthly salaries instead of free units. Currently, 1,89,171 in-service and retired government servants receive 3,47,58,825 free units of electricity each month.

Electricity companies grant Grade-17 employees 450 to 650 free units, Grade-18 staffers receive 600 to 700 units, and Grade-19 employees are entitled to 850 to 1000 free units. Grade-20 employees receive 1100 free units, and Grade-21 employees are allowed up to 1300 free units, according to sources.

Given the power tariff and high electricity bills, Pakistan is facing a crisis, leading to widespread public demand to cancel the free electricity units quota for public servants, as well as officers and staff of Wapda and electricity generation and distribution companies.


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