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Online Reading Material for students of the 9th Class

I suggest the students of the ninth class read the following supplementary reading material to get an in-depth understanding of the above topic. It is also helpful in the enhancement of vocabulary and terminology. Please read this text passage thoroughly and re-take the above quiz to see your post-reading knowledge reflection.

Variable from the Programmer’s Perspective?

The concept of variable is a basic concept of programming. Without a clear concept of variables, a programmer can never write a useful program. Programmers use Variables frequently while writing their programs using any programming language. So, if someone wants to learn to program he/she must understand the complete concept of variables i.e.

  • What is a variable from a programmer’s perspective?
  • The basic types of a variable supported by that programming language?
  • How to use variables in programming?

Variable and Container Analogy

So, let us first try to explain the basic concept of variables from the programmer’s perspective. Actually, a programmer is a person who works on a particular problem to solve it by using the scientific method or problem-solving method. He mostly uses Mathematical and Statistical rules to solve the under-consideration problem. A programmer needs some containers or boxes where he can put data items related to a particular problem. He also needs containers or boxes where he can put the results of his computations after the execution of the program to present those results to the end user. These containers or boxes where the programmer stores his data items before the execution of the program and also stores its computational results after the execution of the program are Variables.

A variable resembles a container of a specific type and specific capacity.  The type of the container represents the data type of the variable and the capacity of the container is like the size of the variable.

The concept of Variable for students of the 9th class

A Variable is a named memory location or named memory cell. The variable’s value may change during the program’s execution but the name remains unchanged. The next question is where do we create variables? We create variables in Random Access Memory (RAM). The data kept/stored in these variables is temporary because RAM is a temporary storage of computers. After closing a program, the data stored in the variables of that program is removed

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