How To Edit Data On HRMIS

How To Edit Data On HRMIS

If you want to know how to edit data on HRMIS then read the following instruction carefully.

How to edit data on HRMIS
How to edit data on HRMIS

Dear Concerned,
Follow the instructions carefully to update your Qualification, Residential Address, Service Particulars, Personal information, Services, Assets etc. in HRMIS profile.

  1. Login your HRMIS profile.
  2. On the top menu Click on “e-profile” and select RAISE OBJECTION.
  3. Raise Objection menu will be displayed, click on the desired section you want to update.
  4. For example, If you want to add a new degree, click on Qualification.
  5. Click on “Add” and add your desired degree.
  6. After adding the degree particulars, click on SAVE.

The edit/update application will be forwarded to your “Head Teacher” such as leaves and retirement. After approval, the degree will start reflecting on your ICP Chart.

Note: Apply for ACR/PER, once the degree has been added/updated.

Once you applied for any type of change, ask your Head Teacher to follow the following steps:
You can view your updates/changes in VIEW LOG. Kindly, request your head teacher to approve your application for degree addition.

The Head Teacher will follow the following steps carefully:

  1. The head teacher will Login his/her HRMIS profile
  2. Click on E-Profile.
  4. Under the Action tab click on RAISE OBJECTION.
  5. The applied section for change/update will be OPEN/UNLOCKED.
  6. For example, if a teacher has applied for update in Qualification. The Qualification tab will be unlocked for head teacher. To approve the degree addition application tickmark the box under ACTION tab and click on SUBMIT.
  7. Then Forward the application to supervisor. The supervisor will follow the same steps to finally approve it.

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